Our customers love us

I came across this amazing testimonial about our services very recently, so I thought that I would share it with you. Thank you Chris, your words are lovely.


"Fitzgerald's epitomises what a 'small' business should be, even though it's pretty big! Starting from the polite greeting right the way through to the cheery "Thank you, goodbye and take care", the whole experience of being there is a good one. Even when you're unsure of the technology or the correct term you are immediately put at ease by the reassurance that all the staff are competent, there to help and willing to go the extra mile. Many people have become nervous of technology in this ever changing world but John has always embraced changes, kept afoot of developments and as a result is always on the cutting edge of all that can be done in the world of printing and photography. This is wonderful news for all those who struggle and it's totally reassuring that you will get what you want, even if initially you are not entirely sure yourself. I have used Fitzgeralds printing services for hundreds of prints. The quality of product and service has always been impeccable which is why I continue to go back. Between you and I, everything I have done there could be done from my computer at home, which is beyond marvelous but guess what? I choose to go in to the shop because it's such a pleasant experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Fitzgeralds for printing, photo shoots, passport images or even for advice on all things photographic. Lovely knowledgeable people who will always deliver."